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@storieinitaly_jewelry #storiestyle

"All seeing eye" micro mosaic vinatge brooch with original image upcycled on a 20" gold filled chain. $85

@storieinitaly_jewelry #LuckySaints

Saint Theresa of Lisieu, the Little Flower of Jesus, keeper of gardens and lost parents, rare ceramic medal with accent rosary beads. $45

@storieinitaly_jewelry #sitobuy

1970's Boho centerpiece vintage original tassle necklace. $55

@storieinitaly_jewelry #sitobuy

70's Boho vintage tassle necklace good luck Mother Mary medal detail.

Original upcycled statement piece with vintage green bakelite drops. $65

Mixed chain and vintage charm long 36"necklace. Our Lady medal, vintage buttons, angel wings and rosary beads. $55

Layered Our Lady 16" rosary necklace with double layered Madonna di Lauretana/Loreto protectrer of air travelers for some spiritual PPE. $22 / $45

Bolo style 18" necklace with vintage glass green beads and a handmade rosary flower drop. $45

Vintage bead bracelets made from rosary bits we've collected. Mother of pearl and blue glass beads on bronze w/miraculous centerpiece dangles. $45 each

Storie must have summer accessory! Italians love to layer summer bracelets so we've made a few with vintage rosary bits we've collected at some of our favorite markets.

Long charm necklace with open and close clasp, St. Anthony patron saint of lost and stolen things, vintage treasure bottle and Santa Rita, patron saint of impossible dreams. $50

Sterling silver antique "C" pin-turned-pendant from one of our favorite Ligurian antique sellers on a mixed metal chain. $45

Detail of our antique sterling "C" pin-turned-pendant on mixed metal no-nickel chain.

Gold locks from a seaside shop in the Cinqueterre turned vintage statement necklace on adjustable 18" chain. $55

Simple Mother Mary necklace on unique vintage box chain. $35

Vintage square San Michele archangel on fine sterling chain. $45

Handmade sterling sliver "three pearls in an oyster" pendant on a long sterling chain with hand of Fatima accent charm wraps up this love and protection piece. $50

Handmade for you resonating love and protection this unique sterling pendant on long 36" chain with hand of Fatima is a meaningful accent piece. $50

"Forever" sterling 16" necklace with green crystal rosary bead accent. $35

Sweet fine twisted wire sterling 18" chain with "lucky in love" charm cluster featuring the Italian corno, silver heart and key symbolic of love locks found throughout Italy/Europe symbolizing love's resilience in human nature. $35

Cool colors are saintly on a hot summer day and these little guys are the perfect accent for your easy summer wardrobe. $25

Vintage tiny, lightweight saint earrings for a little pop of cool summer color. $25

Going bold we've upcycled a bit of old chandelier, saintly protector and coral and vintage to bring you this amazing statement piece. $65

Cut to: Boldly showing our love for upcylcing vintage and spreading the stories of patron saint protectors. $65

Edgy sweet puffed sterling heart vintage rosary centerpiece 18"adjustable necklace. $40

Everything's coming up roses with another vintage heart tone on tone rosary centerpiece drop pink 18" sterling necklace. $30

Sterling 18" unique decade style chain with "italian culture" good luck charm cluster, St. Anthony, Italian corno, a "grappola" of grapes and accent rosary bead. $47

Milk glass rosary bead insert summer 16"necklace comes in pale green, pink and blue. All on sterling silver chain. Request yours now. $23

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Simple Mother Mary necklace on unique vintage box chain. $35