This is storytelling at it's best. Take a peek at Italian culture with our hand picked vintage Patron Saints and Madonna medals. We love the stories they have to tell! (p.s. let us know if you have a favorite and we'll find it for you)

Storie in Italy favorite, Santa Rita, patron Saint of lost causes and impossible dreams, held up high in the procession celebrating her special day in Cascia, Italy.

Santa Rita medals come in many shapes and sizes. We especially love the blue enamel and hand painted ceramic ones.

Sant'Antonio di Padua is the finder of lost things and small requests. He was born in Lisbon and adopted by Padua, Italy.

Sant'Antonio is very popular in Italy loved as the protector of lost children.

Madonna di Lauretana or Loreto is one of our favorite black madonnas and also the protectress of air travelers.

Pro traveler Magdalena wearing her Madonna di Loreto for protection on her latest air adventure.

San Michele the Archangel and crusader is from Caltanissetta, Italy. He is the patron saint of grocers, mariners, police officers and the military.

Madonna of Lourdes prayed to for healing. Her lovely profile graces many a medal and the blue enamel is a lovely reminder of her famous grotto.

Mother Mary and her sacred heart is always by our side.

St. Christopher the patron saint of travel adventures.

Hand made antique cloth ex-votos containing relics such as notes, bits of cloth and candle flakes. These were made as offerings to the Virgin Mary in thanks for answered prayers. The relic is tucked inside the ex-voto for beautiful carrying protection.

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